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Hardwood flooring Sanding Etobicoke HP

Hardwood flooring Sanding Etobicoke HP

At Homepros hardwood flooring, and floor refinishing we understand how important your home is to you and would like to help make it a home you feel proud of. We use only the finest floor refinishing products. We are committed to providing you, the customer, with quality floor restoration products and floor sanding service that stands above the competition. We serve several areas of Canada . We take pride in our high quality work and competitive prices. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service by assisting clients in designing and choosing the best hardwood flooring to meet their needs. Floor refinishing makes any type of hardwood look just like the day it was laid .We have been refinishing hardwood floors in several Canadian provinces for more than 30 years.

Hardwood flooring Sanding Etobicoke HP

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WE specialize in wooden flooring and not diversified into other floor coverings, we feel that we offer something a little unique as opposed to other less ‘specialised’ floor sanding companies.

We use the latest floor sanding technology, giving the best possible finish and minimizing the dust contamination during the process of the work. 

See our dedicated dust control page for further information.

The existing hardwood boards or flooring are sanded through various grits (coarseness!) of abrasives – usually this would start at grit 24 then progress through 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and finish off with a 150 fine grit prior to the application of finishes.

The finishes we use are low odor and eco friendly, normally using water based lacquer and natural hard wax oils.  We have many years of experience with various floor manufactures and would say that hardwood are currently our preferred manufacturers, although we have worked with many others such as Becka Acroma, Ronseal, Rustins, Trip Trap, Johnsons, Jenkins and more sanding and sealing.

We tend to stick with these 2 main manufacturers as in our opinion they offer an excellent product range, their after sales backup is excellent and we have a very good working relationship with them!

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